Crisis Council


About the committee

Crisis Council is an in-depth, fast-paced, constantly shifting committee full of intrigue, conflict, live-action diplomacy and many, many betrayals. Joining one of two opposing Cabinets, delegates will work together - or alone - to further their interests and beat their rivals. Everyone is in it for themselves and no one is safe. This exciting committee is recommended for experienced MUNers, and is certainly not for the faint-hearted.


January 25, 2011. The day the Arab Springs revolution reached Egypt.

After thirty years of ‘emergency law’ restrictions established by Hosni Mubarak, civil disobedience and distrust in the Middle East nation were at an all time high. Youth groups within the nation had witnessed the ongoing revolutions in neighbouring states, and by carrying public anger over issues such as minimum wage restrictions, president terms, and the brutal death of Khaled Saeed while in police custody, became key leaders in the eventual revolution that changed the direction of Egypt forever.

Known as the Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution, key parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6 Youth Movement and the supporters of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mohamed ElBaradei came together to advocate for the people post revolution, with the end hope of a democracy within the state. As expected, these goals were not in the plans of the Egyptian Government, and they would do anything to ensure they do not succeed.

Delegates will assume positions as leaders of either the 2011 Egyptian Government or as leaders of the Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution to take all steps necessary to gain the desired results for their faction. Will Egypt make its way to a democracy, or will the status quo remain? Apply for this committee, and Egypt’s future is in your hands.

(If you have previously applied for this committee under [REDACTED] and wish for a specific position, please send a message with your preferred position and we will adjust for you).


Samuel Scander, Kevin Nolan, Nick Allison & Callen Sorensen