The Succession Council of Queen Mary I


About the Committee

The Queen is dead, long live the King!

But which King?

The year is 1565 and Queen Mary I has died after seventeen years on the English throne. But there is disagreement among her council as to who should succeed her. Some fight for her son and rightful heir but others champion another prince with a better claim. There are some that want to rewrite history with a claimant who has royal blood going back to Edward II, and some even support an upstart Queen from the north. With enemy forces on the council going head to head - Catholics vs. Protestants, the French vs. the Spanish, and Lancaster vs. York vs. Tudor, which factions can dominate in the debating chamber and on the battlefield to crown the sovereign who will lead England into it’s next glorious Golden Age?


Bodie D'Orazio, Jesse Park & Angus Robertson