Welfare Policy

Hi everyone, Welfare Team here.

We want VicMUN to be both a safe and enjoyable conference. We’ve written this code of conduct to ensure that you can enjoy VicMUN as much as possible, without affecting the enjoyment of others. This code includes things to keep people safe such as our alcohol policy, but it also talks about creating an inclusive and supportive environment, with no tolerance for discrimination or bullying.

The code of conduct below is the product of months of collaboration among members of the VicMUN Secretariat, and between VicMUN and other Australian Model UN Secretariats. We have spent months reading, discussing, editing, re-reading and re-editing it. It represents the combined experience of well over 100 Model UN Conferences, and is, in our opinion, as comprehensive and as concise as a welfare policy can possibly be.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that delegates be familiar with its content. While we understand it may be burdensome to ask that you read nearly 3,000 words of rules, we consider it entirely reasonable that everyone reads it. This reading is a precondition to entry to any organised social events at VicMUN.

Without an understanding and abidance of this policy, VicMUN will not be the conference that we all want it to be.

Jake Humphreys
Co-USGs Welfare